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Our new programme February – June 2021 is online!

17 December 2020

Dear friends of improvisation,

our new programme for the period February to June 2021 is online, the programme overview can be downloaded here as a pdf (by clicking on the cover or on the word downloaded) and is now also available in print.

If all goes well, we will make up for some prominent events that were postponed due to Corona: the residency with the trio LDP (Leimgruber-Demierre-Phillips), who will give two concerts and a workshop, as well as the concert with the trio Ullén – Santos Silva – Carlsson and another one in which Fred Frith will perform with three musicians of the younger generation. Fred Frith can also be heard in conversation with Mathias Maschat in the imp[or]trait series.

However, we do not only want to make up for cancelled events, but also have some new events with ZIMT, the Recorded Landscapes project by Sabine Vogel with Marta Zapparoli and the double concert by TRAMES and the Duo Ivo Berg + Thomas Gerwin.

At the same time, we again have numerous exciting workshops on offer, as always led by well-known protagonists of the impro scene and impro didactics scene, such as Ute Wassermann, Biliana Voutchkova and Agnes Heginger in the area of music, Fine Kwiatkowski, Dragana Cukavac and Ingo Reulecke in the area of dance and many more. A new face in exploratorium is the young author and poet Johann Reißer with a poetry workshop.

Again, the young explo is represented with numerous offers, the think space offers further promising discussion events, the series Improvisation as an Art of Living will be continued and, as always, our regular courses and ensembles as well as the various improvisation meetings form a dense network of improvisational activities that continuously enliven our space.

We are very pleased with the new design of our programme and our logo, both designed by the Hamburg graphic artist Andreas Homann. The design concept will be transferred step by step to our posters & postcards, website and all other information and advertising media from February onwards.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our new programme.

The team of the exploratorium berlin

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