Every 2 – 3 months on Saturday or Sunday, 19 – 22 h (Saal 1)

Sun 28. January 2018 | Sat 3. March 2018 | Sun 24. June 2018

open stage for music and movementThe Open stage for music & movement is devoted to explore the various possible relationships in the interaction between (live improvised) music and (live improvised) movement.

In our experience, the interplay between music and movement raises many questions, which are worthwhile persueing. Therefore, we will – contrary to our customs at the open stage – reflect some of the improvisations and might even develop special ideas to find out about different forms of interaction between music and movement.


Presentation: Matthias Schwabe

Next dates (until June 2018):

Sun 28.1. | Sat 3.3. | Sun 24.6.

Admission free, no registration