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Regulations in the exploratorium berlin in times of Corona


Dear guests of exploratorium,

for events and rentals at the exploratorium, differentiated rules apply to prevent infection with Corona, which are subject to a constant process of change. The rules below, which are relevant for the exploratorium, are valid as of 20 August 2021:

1. General regulations for all

– Correct wearing of a medical mask for all visitors from the age of 7. The mask may be removed at the site.
– Adherence to the minimum distance of 1.5 m (exception: families, couples and persons living in one household). The distance may be reduced to 1 m if everyone has tested negative or has been vaccinated or is recovering OR if the masks are also worn at the site.
Testing is compulsory for all indoor events.
Testing is not compulsory for those who have been vaccinated or have recovered. However, we recommend that vaccinated people still get tested if they come together with a large group. This is because the vaccination protects the vaccinated themselves, but does not prevent the infection of others.
For children, the compulsory test only applies from the age of 6. However, children who attend school are regularly tested there and therefore do not need an extra test either.
– Observance of hygiene rules (hand washing/disinfection, cough & sneeze etiquette).
Ventilation: Rooms must be ventilated at least every 45 min; even better: continuously.
Attendance documentation of all participants either digitally in advance or on the forms on display.
– Visitors who have had contact with a person with SARS-CoV-2 in the last 14 days or who are suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection themselves are not allowed to enter the facility!
– Visitors with chronic respiratory diseases who cannot wear a medical mask put themselves and others at increased risk of infection. They are therefore advised not to visit.

2. Concerts or other events with an audience

– The regulations mentioned under 1. apply

3. Workshops, courses and other educational events
       (except singing in groups and dance/movement)

– Maximum group sizes: 30 in hall 1 and 24 in hall 2 (= 1 person/5 sqm)
– A minimum distance for wind instruments is no longer required.

4. Singing in groups

– All singers from the age of 7 have to be tested, vaccinated oder recovered.
– Minimum distance 2 m, to audience 4 m
– Maximum duration of performance or rehearsal: 60 minutes
– Continuous ventilation from 30 min. before start
– Medical masks are required until occupation of seats.

5. Dance/movement

– All participants from the age of 7 have to be tested, vaccinated oder recovered.
– The minimum distance of 1.5 m may be undercut.
– Maximum 15 persons in hall 1 or 12 persons in hall 2 (= 1 person per 10 sqm).
– A ventilation protocol must be drawn up (we recommend: continuous ventilation).
– Medical masks are compulsory, but may be removed for dancing.

We are pleased that we can be active again – despite restrictions – and ask you to observe the rules mentioned so as not to jeopardise this opportunity!

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