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2022Sa29Okt(Okt 29)10:00So30(Okt 30)13:00EmpfehlungEverything sounds and swings – Sound Parcoursfor children from 8-1110:00 - 13:00 (30) exploratorium berlin, Studio 1, entrance CJunges explo:Weekend and Holiday Workshops Leitung/Facilitator: Camilla M. Fehér

Sound Parcours


Camilla M. Fehér


Samstag, 29. 10. 2022 | 10:00 - Sonntag, 30. 10. 2022 | 13:00


exploratorium berlin, Studio 1, entrance C



(Workshop in German language, participation for non-german speakers possible)

What does space sound like, what does a path sound like? What could space travel be in a room, in a studio or in a square?
In this two-day workshop, we cosmonauts wander through space and explore in-between spaces, paths and possibilities of movement, always on the trail of sound. Our compass are the senses. We use drumsticks to feel the surfaces of walls, floors, chairs, benches and all kinds of things and objects, creating rhythms, atmospheres and sound carpets.
We invent our own language, secret sound signs that we send to each other and explore concepts like vibration, resonance and silence. Our space parcours becomes a fantastic path that can only be wandered through playfully.

Kinderkulturmonat im exploratorium berlin

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© u.ri.: Ludger Storcks, other pictures: Camilla Fehér