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Januar 2020

International Symposium: Current Research on Improvisation

International Symposium: Current Research on Improvisation2020Fr31Jan(Jan 31)20:00So02Feb(Feb 2)16:00DenkraumSymposia(Januar 31) 20:00 - (Februar 2) 16:00 exploratorium berlin, hall


31. Januar 2020 20:00 - 2. Februar 2020 16:00


exploratorium berlin, hall

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Presentation and discussion of current research on the phenomenon of improvisation

After several symposia on special research topics of improvisation that took place in recent years in the exploratorium, the symposium 2020 will present a wide range of research topics. We will invite musicians, researchers and scientists which we have worked with together in recent years and who are linked to the exploratorium berlin. As always, the emphasis will methodically be placed on artistic research, aiming to achieve a close fusion of artistic improvisation and research in the course, in the presentation and in the discussions. The symposium begins with a concert of the participating musicians on Friday night. The symposium events will open to the public. The symposium will be partially in German, partially in English language.


Saturday, 1.2.2020, 10 – 13:
Reinhard Gagel (Berlin, Wien): Einführung || Jean Charles Francois (Lyon): The Artistic Turn || Franziska Schroeder/Paul Stapleton (Belfast): Duos – Emergent musical structures created through networks of feedback || Sabine Vogel (Berlin) – Tuning-in || Christopher Williams (Berlin): On Perpetual (Musical) Peace? || Simon Rose (Berlin): Improvisation as Performance in Music

Saturday, 1.2.2020, 15 – 18 h:
Thomas Gerwin (Berlin): HÖREN, BEWEGT || Corinna Eikmeier (Hannover): Freiheit und Gewohnheit || Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (Kopenhagen): Musical Graphics – A Journey of Self-Reflective Artistic Practice and Auto-Ethnography || Matthias Schwabe (Berlin): Das explorative Ensemble || Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Köln): ROWETOR || Christoph Baumann (Basel): Modell für Entscheidungen in der Freien Improvisation

Saturday, 1.2.2020, 19 – 21 h:
SOUP – Performance, talks, soup

Sunday, 2.2.2020: 11 – 16 h:
Helmut Bieler-Wendt (Regensburg): Der Sprung ins Leere || Alessandro Bertinetto (Turin)/Nicola Hein (Berlin): Improvising on Improvisation || Maria Reich (Berlin): Ausbildung zu mündigen MusikerInnen || Christoph Irmer (Wuppertal): Wir sind uns selber Fremde || Wolfgang Schliemann (Wiesbaden)/N.N.: On Radicalness in Improvisation || final discussions


Symposium conception and direction: Reinhard Gagel

Registration not required

Admission on donation basis (except concert)