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2020Sa03Okt11:0016:00Impro4Elements - Music explorations & improvisationsfor children from 9 - 1211:00 - 16:00 exploratorium berlin, Studio 1, entrance CJunges explo: weekend and holiday workshops

Junges explo Workshop Musik erfinden S. Michel + A. hahidi


Annemarie Michel & Aida Shahidi


Samstag, 03. 10. 2020 | 11:00 - Samstag, 03. 10. 2020 | 16:00


exploratorium berlin, Studio 1, entrance C


Fire, earth, water and air: these four elements provide ideas when we go in search of sounds and improvise musically together. We explore different instruments and sounding materials to find out how we can represent these four natural phenomena musically. We trace their atmospheres, characteristics, sounds and noises and bring them to life through music.  

In a second step we will use our musical discoveries to set music to pictures, photographs or short videos. From this we will develop our own sound recordings, which can be used for further improvising. Or we will develop small performances in space, in which we can also include movement, theatre or painted/drawn objects.

At the end of the workshop, if the group so wishes, we can present our improvised discoveries in a small final performance (for friends and parents).

Workshop in German language.


In times of Corona, special rules also apply in the exploratorium, which are summarized here: link

Please note that pre-registration is required for all events due to the limited number of places. The registration form can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Photocredits: exploratorium berlin (li oben), pixabay (andere)

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