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Januar 2023

Sound & Lecture N° 20: "(Musical) Ethics Lab Satellite 1"

Sound & Lecture N° 20: "(Musical) Ethics Lab Satellite 1"2023Fr27Jan20:00Bühne2sound & lectureDenkraumsound & lecture20:00 exploratorium berlin, hall


27. Januar 2023 20:00


exploratorium berlin, hall

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Concert + talk in German

Christopher A. Williams (US/AT) – concept, direction, double bass
Carl Ludwig Hübsch (DE) – tuba
Christoph Irmer (DE) – violin
Magda Mayas (DE) – piano
Nina Polaschegg
(AT) – double bass
Wolfgang Schliemann (DE) – percussion
Moderation: Mathias Maschat

In the context of free improvisation, the question of its ethical and thus also its political dimension goes back to its early phase in the 1960s. Their relevance is unbroken to this day and perhaps more relevant than ever: reason enough to raise and discuss them as the topic of the last symposium in the old rooms of the exploratorium.

As the opening of the Symposium / Open Space: Improvisation and Ethics, the double bass player, composer and artistic researcher Christopher Williams is a guest, who, together with the anthropologist Caroline Gatt and the philosopher Joshua Bergamin, is responsible for the research project (Musical) Improvisation and Ethics. Together with Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba), Christoph Irmer (violin), Magda Mayas (piano), Nina Polaschegg (double bass) and Wolfgang Schliemann (percussion), he will in the course of a workshop concert raise and discuss questions  about the connections between ethics and improvisation. (Musical) Ethics Lab Satellite 1 is the title of this 20th edition of the exploratorium’s Sound & Lecture series, which combines music and discussion. At the same time, the event belongs to a series of public presentations that are part of the research process of the Graz project and at the same time document its progress.

The basis for the concert are exercises and interactive situations developed by Christopher Williams, which serve to work out the ethical aspects contained in improvisational practice and to make them visible. In addition, it is asked how these aspects in turn affect the musical material and the resulting structures. Another topic in the discussion moderated by Mathias Maschat is the improvisational nature of ethical behavior in general.

With Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Christoph Irmer, Magda Mayas, Nina Polaschegg and Wolfgang Schliemann, five renowned improvisers have been invited, all of whom work theoretically, journalistically or scientifically on improvisation beyond their musical practice. Not only in regard to this discursive level they are connected to the exploratorium in some ways.

Anyone who would like to delve further into the topic of ‘improvisation and ethics’ can take part in the following Symposium / Open space (January 28th and 29th, 2023). The two days will be held as an open space, in which the exact procedures and topics will be developed together in the process. Some keynote speeches offer different approaches to the topic. More information can be found here.


Admission: 12/10/6 €  (normal price/reduced/Berlin-Pass)

19.00 soundwalk with Thomas Gerwin

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mhs9hkBYVXo