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2022Do31März20:00Sarotti Instant: Caged Eggsperformance concert20:00 exploratorium berlin, Studio 1, entrance CBühne:Other Concert Formats


Donnerstag, 31. 03. 2022 | 20:00


exploratorium berlin, Studio 1, entrance C


Eglof Berger – electronics || Tatjana Bielke – musical saw, voice, concept || Miriam Bondy – voice, percussion || Peter Czekay – trumpet || Wulf Essen – flute, voice || Kathrin von Kieseritzky – saxophone || Lukas Macher – double bass || Hendrik Rüssmann – piano || Matthias Schwabe – flute, viola


With our performance we raise many questions: Questions about what music actually is and what we understand as music. Questions about the noisiness in music and about the musicality of noise. Questions about whether it makes a difference when you hear sounds in a concert hall or on the station forecourt. And also what role it plays whether a sound is produced intentionally or by chance.  I’m sure everyone has different answers to these questions. Ours is called: caged eggs.

In our everyday lives, we are permanently surrounded by sounds, they are part of a common world of sound. At the same time, we create our own individual musical cosmos when we walk the streets with headphones. What impact do these developments have on our hearing? What meaning does a sound have that we do not (consciously) perceive?

Our performance “Caged Eggs” is an artistic exploration of all this. We play with chance and purposelessness, with structures and unstructuredness. We look for common ground in music, give everyone their own space and stage encounters with different sounds and in different settings. We listen to silence and transform texts into music. This is how spontaneous compositions – and comical situations – are created.

The concept was developed by Tatjana Bielke and came about, among other things, through her preoccupation with the composer and artist John Cage (1912 – 1992). For our performance we combined some of his compositional methods with free improvisation. The result is abstract music, concrete poetry and theatrical interludes.

P.S. Since John Cage was also a passionate mycologist, we dedicate a separate piece to mushrooms.


Admission: 10 | 5 € (normal price | reduced)
Payment at the box office, advance reservation possible via this email


For this event, the 3G Plus Corona regulation applies: Participants have to present a valid proof of vaccination or convalescence or an up-to-date test. In addition, masks are compulsory, but may be taken off when singing or playing wind instruments.
All currently valid Corona regulations in the exploratorium can be found here.

Collage: Tatjana Bielke