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2020So04Okt20:00Spill plus Olaf Rupp20:00 exploratorium berlin, studio 1, access via staircase D (studio 2)Bühne:Improvisation International


Sonntag, 04. 10. 2020 | 20:00


exploratorium berlin, studio 1, access via staircase D (studio 2)


Tony Buck
– drums, percussion
Magda Mayas – piano

Olaf Rupp – guitar

“They are at the intersection between not wasting a second, and having all the time in the world to deliver a work of defiant minimalism. An irresistible fusion that delights the ear with tones and rhythm, doing so with reserved interventions and lots of anticipation.” (Toneshift about SPILL)

The guitarist Olaf Rupp explores the spaces of free improvisation on his instrument with uncompromising radicality. His extremely virtuosic self-developed playing techniques are the result of an individual artistic discipline which, far from all specifications and conventions, continuously expands the tonal limits of the instrument.


Admission: 12 / 10 / 6 Euro (normal price / reduced / Berlin Pass)


Currently the number of available seats is limited and a concert visit is only possible with advance booking. Please use the form below to make your booking no later than 14 hrs on the day of the concert. You will then receive further information. You can find exploratorium’s current rules of hygiene by clicking on this link.

In addition, the concert will be broadcast as a live stream via our YouTube channel. Therefore the start will be on time!


In this context we recommend concerts with improvised music in Kesselhaus like the one on 13.10. with Phil Minton and Carl Ludwig Hübsch: https://www.kesselhaus.net/event/658864

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Photo credits (from left): Marcel Meier, Niklas Kammermeier/Alexander Gumz