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2021Sa15Mai20:00WHAT IIIF? BERLIN – a research(ed) improvisation20:00 exploratorium berlin, Studio 1, entrance CBühne:explorations


Samstag, 15. 05. 2021 | 20:00


exploratorium berlin, Studio 1, entrance C


From May 13th to 16th, 2020, the exploratorium berlin will host WHAT IIIF?, an international research festival now in its 4th year. Bringing together movers, musicians, writers and researchers, WHAT IIIF? tries to accomplish the impossible task of documenting improvisation. This work feeds and develops the open source website www.improvisation.wiki. Over a period of four days, there will be open and closed research sessions, shared meals, moving and tuning, resting and creating. True to its improvisational nature, WHAT IIIF? will evolve! If you are interested in participating in the research, please contact us (reinhard.gagel@gmx.de), or if you would just like to observe, consult this site on short notice for dates and times of the open sessions.

In any case you can join us on May 15th at 8.00 h for a public performance.

Admission free

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