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2021Sa15Mai20:00Memory and Water – Performance of What IIIF? Berlin 2021digital as livestream20:00 Livestram on YoutubeBühne:Other Concert Formats

What IIIF Performance


Samstag, 15. 05. 2021 | 20:00


Livestram on Youtube


This performance takes place despite the cancellation of the festival planned in presence. Instead, the participants of the international interdisciplinary research group What IIIF? are digitally connected with each other in parallel performances throughout the day. All of them work on the question of memory or remembering in improvisation, connected with water as an elementary matter that conjures up diverse occasions and associations. Musicians, dancers and performers from the Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Brazil and Germany are involved.

At exploratorium berlin, three musician and a dancer react live to the actions in other cities and to their videos, movements, photos and texts.

Ulrike Brand – cello | Reinhard Gagel – Moog synthesizer | Ingo Reulecke – dance | Simon Rose – saxophone

Chris Parfitt (Bridgend) | Shelley Owen, Henry Dougal Mcpherson, Connor Elliman (Manchester) | Esmeralda Detmers, Loes Rietkerk (Amsterdam) | Oorcontact (Leiden) | Chandana Sarma (Rotterdam) | Petra Pieck (Utrecht) | Thomas Johannsen (Amsterdam) | Jeannette Huizinga (Amsterdam) | Irene Rametta (Pisa) | Danielle Davidson (Nomadic In The Netherlands) | Clarice Rito (Rio De Janeiro) | Emmanuelle Pépin (Nice, France) | Tomasso Roland (Genova) | Shaghayegh Bagheri (Teheran) | Saal Frei Plattform Für Improvisationskunst (Stuttgart) | The Performanceimprovisationgroup Instant Pig/Stuttgart and guests: Martina Gunkel, Alexandra Mahnke, Claudia Senoner, Lisa Thomas, Magda Agduelo, Oliver Prechtl, Kurt App

VJ : Catharine Cary
Taswir Atlas: Reinhard Gagel

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN16hDa71kQ

© Reinhard Gagel