Open choral improvisation

On Saturdays, 19 – 20.30 h, once a month, 13.10.2018 – 26.1.2019

Facilitator: Ulrike Sowodniok & guests

Klangraum Stimme – vocal improvisation with Ulrike Sowodniok

We play with the overlapping of our vocal sounds. Simultaneously we can explore the internal dynamics of the choral sounds, its resonances and transformative potential within our own body spaces.

How does the perception of our body and its sounds change the overall sound? How does the relationship between the individual members of the chorus change through this sound? What do we define as our vocal-linguistic base and where does it take us? When does meaning emerge from the subtle interspaces of the embodiment of vocal sound?  

We will experience our choral sound sculpture in the studio and in urban spaces and also explore its temporal relations and subtexts in the context of movement.

This workshop is open for beginners as well as for experienced singers with openness to share common experiences.



Ulrike Sowodniok
& guest facilitators from the vocal ensemble Medulla

Class time:

13.10 | 10.11. | 22.12. | 26.1.
Saturdays 19 – 20.30 h


40 Euro for 4 sessions


Ulrike Sowodniok, (030) 623 23 47

Last date of registration: 29. September 2018