8. – 10. December 2017, Facilitator: Minako Seki

workshop with Minako Seki

Perception is unique and subjective and you never know if two persons will perceive the same or not. This uniqueness makes our works and expressions special and gives a lot of power to our body language.
I would like to open experimentation on consciously perceiving our environment and using this material for dance and creation.
Among the enormous visual information that is surrounding us, we unconsciously make a selection of necessary information and we forget information that is not interesting. Scientists talk about QUALIA, referring on the idea that things exist only when our brain recognises them consciously. On the other side, they consider that things exist only if our brain is sensing them (their shape, their texture, their smell…) even if they are not in front of us. In that sense, reality is not only related to physical perception but also to our imagination.
By understanding the features of perception, the skeleton is able to grasp and it becomes possible to imagine the formation of invisible parts of reality such as the law of growth, the energy of life and the power of our soul…
I would like to focus on overcoming the superficial perception of things to go in a deep level, similar to Zen meditation; in which the subject or the self disappears to dissolve with the environment and the universe.


Class time:

Fri 18 – 20 h,
Sat & Sun 10 – 14 h


150 Euro / 120 Euro
Deposit required


, (030) 84 72 10 52
Last day of registration 24. November 2017

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