The five elements of dance improvisation

27. – 29. April 2018, Facilitator: Jean Laurent Sasportes

ws_sasportesThe body as an energy mediator between earth and sky?
Shape, movement, timing, space – and the small flower?
The body as an instrument and the “what”, “when”, “where”, “how”

These terms are explored in a dance workshop that Jean Laurent Sasportes offers in the exploratorium.

Sasportes understands the principles of Asian movement in a dialogue with his vocabulary from the Western modern dance and dance theater. His teaching is also characterized by the long years as a member of the Wuppertal dance theater Pina Bausch and by his work as an actor in Germany and France as well as by his rich experiences in improvisation with musicians around the world.

Of course, the body and the mind form a synergetic whole. With this understanding we go together to do the exercises of “Jeansannotaiso” (“Exercises by Mr. Jean”) with which every day of the course starts. In this first 75 minutes of the “body posture” we will develop a deep perception of body and movement, which allows us to understand and implement the concepts mentioned. Body and mind are thus prepared for the subsequent creative work in composition and improvisation.

The second part takes the rest of the time and is devoted entirely to composition and improvisation work. In order to achieve a truly unrestricted creativity and to develop a deep awareness for the spontaneous realization (and above all for the spontaneously realized), it requires a progressive approach. Therefore the joint work in the workshop is based on the structured improvisation.

The workshop is suitable for people at all levels with an interest in movement.

On Thursday, April 26, Jean Laurent Sasportes can be seen in a performance with two improvising musicians in the exploratorium.



Class time:

Fri 18.30 – 21.30 h, Sat 11 – 18 h, Sun 10 – 15 h


130 Euro / 110 Euro,
deposit required


exploratorium berlin, Tel. (030) 84 72 10 52,

Last day of registration 13. April 2018


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