Awareness in free play, breath, sound and movement

9. – 10. June 2018, facilitators: Caroline Knöbl & Wolfgang Schliemann

When we turn to our own breath and direct our awareness to our physicality while in action, it has an impact on us. It changes the pace and the feeling of life. And if we allow ourselves to play – musically, with sound, tone, movement – and go into contact with other people, we will have our own time experience. How is it to feel the right time for a conversation – listening, speaking? Listening to it and asking yourself the question: who am I like that, and who am I in my everyday activities, and what would I like to experience – that’s what this workshop is all about.


  • Intensive body experience through mindfulness in dealing with breath
  • Movement phases alone and in the group.
  • Improvisation with instrument, voice and movement.
  • Conversation as a practice field.

The workshop is addressed to improvising instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers / movers, performers and anyone else who feels invited by the topic.



Class time:

Sat 11 – 19 h, Sun 11 – 16 h


120 Euro / 90 Euro
deposit required


Wolfgang Schliemann, (0611) 959 08 43, ,
Caroline Knöbl, (06022) 68 17 39,

Last day of registration: 26. May 2018


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