14. – 16. September 2018, Facilitator: Minako Seki

workshop with Minako Seki

In the workshop Dancing Between we will do a research on the existence between two poles, two facets that conform our being: remembering and forgetting, intuition and consciousness, front body and back body, standing and walking, black and white, strong and delicate, fast and slow, ying and yang. Or just between two physical points.

We will intensely experiment with the possibilities for movement and expression generated by intermediate spaces. Navigating between desire and constraint and all the pending states that the “Dancing in Between” suggests, we will recreate a suspension between delight and confusion that is given by the indecisiveness of being.

The Seki method deals with communication between the unconscious and the conscious. And the infinite paths in between are the focus, which is composed of an infinite number of points and their transformation.

Workshop in English language



Class time:

Fri 18 – 20 h, Sat &  Sun 10 – 14 h


150 / reduced 120 Euro
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