3. – 4. November 2018, Facilitator: Linda Scheckel

Experimentelles Malen – Workshop mit Linda Scheckel

My starting point in visual artistic work is always a spontaneous impulse. This takes and carries me before ordering thoughts can raise objections: a smell, a movement, a fragment of visual, acoustic or other kind. I want to give in to this subjectively perceived part of the world and I want to trick myself before the ifs, ands or buts are coming!

My way of working is basic. Activities are: taking, picking up, rejecting, tearing off and riping, applying, omitting, combining, beating, wiping and stroking, feeling, tentative drawing, pouring, cutting, piling, reassembling.

No prerequisites are required for this workshop. Participants bring work clothes, two-dimensional objects with personal associations, as well as preferred pens, brushes, and colors.

A fundus as well as solid paper from the roll will be provided.



Class times:

Sat & Sun 12 – 17 h


100 Euro / 90 Euro (reduced price)
deposit required


exploratorium berlin, (030) 84 72 10 52


Linda Scheckel,

Last date of registration: 20. October 2018


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