Vocal Workshop on perception and the creative processes of time, tone, noise, melody …

16. – 18. November 2018, Facilitator: Lauren Newton

Lauren Newton works with the participants, based on her experience in various Jazz styles, on extended vocal techniques that go far beyond just song singing. The vocal spectrum becomes more tangible through free improvisation, allowing the vocalist endless possibilities for creating individual and fascinating music.

Aspects explored during the musical process include individual and group sound, pure tone, noise, melody, all parts of the spoken language, rhythm, silence and unexpected moments, too. Improvising with unconventional work methods, the participants’ over-all evaluation and perception of music becomes stronger and music attains deeper meaning for them as well as for their audience. With the musical moment as a guide, creativity is set free and we experience the world of the human voice in a new light.

This workshop is open to singers as well as instrumentalists who want to work with their voice.



Class time:

Fri 18 – 21 h, Sat 10 – 17.30 h, Sun 11 – 15 h


140 Euro / 120 Euro red.
Deposit required


exploratorium berlin, (030) 84 72 10 52

Last date of registration: 2. November 2018

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