9. – 10. March 2019, Facilitator: Alan Bern


Today’s klezmer music goes back to the repertoire of professional, Ashkenazi (Yiddish-speaking) Jews in Eastern Europe. A strongly emotional music, it includes both listening and dance genres. It draws from and gives back to the musical traditions of neighboring cultures. 

Nigunim are spiritual songs with or without texts. Originally sung by Hasidim for meditation, celebration or dancing, today they are part of the larger world of Yiddish music. They have a profound and moving simplicity.

This workshop is an introduction to the different dance and listening genres of klezmer music and their connection to nigunim. It is open to instrumentalists and vocalists, with or without prior experience in Yiddish music. We will work both by ear and with written music.

For 30 years, Alan Bern has been a pioneering figure of klezmer music. He is equally renowned as a researcher, performer, innovator and educator. He is the founding director of Brave Old World, The Other Europeans, and the Semer Ensemble, and has performed with many of the world’s leading Jewish music artists and ensembles. As founding director of Yiddish Summer Weimar, he has been mentor to student and professional klezmer musicians of all ages from around the world:


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Sat & Sun 10 – 18 h


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