as guest @ exploratorium berlin

Tuesday – Saturday, 23. – 27. April 2019

The Weimar-based OMA Improvisation Project returns to the Berlin Exploratorium for a five-day, intensive workshop on Alan Bern’s Present-Time Composition (PTC) and Isabelle Marx’s Voice/Body/Awareness work.

PTC is a powerful approach to creating music spontaneously, bridging improvisation and composition. Since 2006, PTC has transformed how people hear, understand and make music at universities, conservatories and institutes throughout Europe and the USA. Its creator, Alan Bern, will be assisted by Nicolaas Cottenie, who teaches PTC at the Antwerp Conservatory. Proficient musicians with no prior PTC experience are welcome, as well as those who already have PTC experience.

Isabelle Marx is a vocal performer and teacher whose work explores the deep connections between the voice, the body, awareness of self and others, and communication. Her background includes Estill training, Feldenkrais, Roy Hart and Martina Catella.




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300 Euro: afterwards
350 Euro: Supporter Fee (for anyone who would like to help support our OMA-work)

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