A Deep Democracy Music Workshop

17. – 19. May 2019, Facilitator: Magdalena Schatzmann


In the background of our early childhood memories or childhood dreams hide the life melody of our individual life path. This is our life myth that never leaves us and that we forget at most now and then. But it is always there as a polar  tension between two mostly diverging energies. The breakdown of this polarity, the play with these contrasts, refreshes and deepens our music.

This weekend, we take the time to re-learn our life myth and discover surprising facets of our creativity. We become aware of our very own power, encounter unsuspected musical sources and learn how to integrate these new possibilities into our music.

This workshop is aimed at anyone interested and needs no musical prerequisite.

The workshop will be held in German and English.

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Class time:

Fr 18.30 – 21.30 h, Sa 10 – 18 h, So 11 – 15 h


150 Euro / 130 Euro ermäßigt

Anzahlung erforderlich


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Madgalena Schatzmann
+41 (0) 33 681 21 02 oder + 41 (0) 79 544 57 76,


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