14. – 16. June 2019, Facilitator: Wolfgang Schliemann

In ensemble improvisation there are many different attitudes – not only between the improvising persons, but also those between which a person can change during an improvisation. Which attitudes this can be, if and how these can complement or exclude, will be explored in this workshop.

Whether interaction is understood as reacting to individual others or the overall event, whether the handling of the musical material is planned calculated or intuitively carried out experimentally, can be decisive for the success of an ensemble improvisation.

By becoming aware of the differences on the one hand and the exemplary testing of different attitudes and their changes on the other hand, this workshop deepens the understanding of the required flexible attention and its steering in the process of free improvisation.

For improvising instrumentalists / vocalists.


Class time:

Fri 19 – 22 h, Sat 11 – 19 h, Sun 11 – 16 h


130 Euro / 110 Euro reduced
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Wolfgang Schliemann, (0611) 959 08 43,


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