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The exploratorium berlin is financed by the non-profit Lilli-Friedemann-Stiftung which has been founded for this purpose. Those who wish to support the exploratorium’s work are welcome to do so by donating. Mainly, these donations contribute to the “Sozialticket” explained below, but they also help finance running costs for the space.

Banking details:
Konto-Nr. 57 12 79 04
Postbank Leipzig, BLZ 860 100 90
IBAN DE39 8601 0090 0057 1279 04
As needed, it is possible to receive a contribution receipt.

The “Sozialticket”

Although our workshops are low priced by comparison, some people are still unable to afford them. For this reason, the Lilli-Friedemann-Stiftung offers “Sozialtickets” to facilitate workshop-participation. In case you are interested, please contact us:

Matthias Schwabe,
Tel. (030) 84 72 10 11

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