Dear friends of improvisation,

welcome to the website of the exploratorium berlin, center for improvised music and creative music education.
Improvisation in music, but also in other art forms – movement, theater, poetry and fine art – has been the focus of our work since our foundation in May 2004.

  • Experiencing live improvised experimental music in concert
  • learning to improvise (even without previous knowledge!)
  • deepening existing improvisational experiences
  • getting to know concepts for improvisation with different target groups
  • meeting others who are interested in improvisation and exchanging with them in free play
  • reflecting on improvisation in special events
  • and reading texts in a small specialist library:

All this is possible in the exploratorium berlin!

We offer a wide variety of weekend workshops, continuous courses and continuous ensembles.
We have concerts about every 2 – 3 weeks, most of them with musicians from the international improvisation scene.
In addition, numerous improvisations-encounters, from the Open stage to the Soundwalk, from the 60-minute night music to the Impro-Treff U12, offer spontaneous ensemble improvisation, many of them with free entry.
Our library contains a large part of the literature on improvisation, in addition there are events that combine theory & research with improvisational practice.

Current news:

Our new programme for the period from mid-February to early August 2020 is now available as a download on the Internet. Please click on the (golden brown) cover picture.

Here are some highlights in brief:
Irène Schweizer (CH) – piano and Hamid Drake (US) – drums at Sun, 26.4.2020 in concert
LDP (Leimgruber-Demierre-Phillips) & guests with 2 concerts & special workshop on 20.-22.3.2020
• as well as other exciting concerts.
• A workshop for solo performance in movement and language with the Australian performer Andrew Morrish on 2-3 May.
• Also new in the program: Zoë Tomruk with Improvisation as a Way to Survival and Joie de Vivre, the author & director Pedro Kadivar with two workshops on Theatre Improvisation and Mindfulness, a regular dance and movement course on Monday morning with Janine Schneider and for the first time a (short) weekend course for 10-15-year-olds with Annemarie Michel & Aida Shahidi.
• In addition, there are numerous workshops that have already proved their worth in the past: with Agnes Heginger, Magdalena Schatzmann, Biliana Voutchkova, Hilde Kappes, Tayfun Guttstadt and many more.
• as well as our proven offers of regular courses and ensembles and of course our various impro-meetings.
• not to forget: a spring festival with space performance – the latter open to all interested parties.

An overview of all this can be found in the new program folder. The details will also be posted on the internet in the next few days – in the form of a newly designed website. Therefore it may take a little bit longer…

Until the beginning of February our current programme is still valid: with 5 exciting weekend workshops, various concerts and a symposium on current research on improvisation.

Don’t forget: Christmas is approaching and a voucher for a workshop, a regular course or a concert could be a great gift for many people! In our office you can get very nice voucher forms!

We wish you a successful exploration of our events and hope to see you in the exploratorium soon.

Matthias Schwabe & the team of the exploratorium berlin


The exploratorium berlin is a project of the Lilli Friedemann Foundation for improvised music and creative music education

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