Dear friends of improvisation,

welcome to the website of the exploratorium berlin, venue for improvised music and creative music pedagogy. Musical improvisation, as well as improvisation in the other arts – movement, theater etc. –, has been the focus of our work since our foundation in May 2004.

  • Experiencing freely improvised, experimental music live in concert,
  • learning to improvise (even without previous knowledge!),
  • improving your existing abilities of improvisation,
  • getting to know concepts for improvisation with different target groups,
  • meeting other improvisors and interacting with them in free play,
  • reflecting on improvisation in special events,
  • and reading about it in a small specialized library:

All this is possible at the exploratorium berlin.

We offer a wide variety of weekend workshops, continuous courses and continuous ensembles.
We organize concerts every two or three weeks. In our series Improvisation International we present musicians from the international improvisation community.
In addition, there is a number of improvisation meetings, from the Open Stage to our soundwalk, from the 60-minute night music to the Impro Session U12, inviting you to spontaneous improvisation together. Many of them are free!

Our library provides most of the specialist literature that has been written on the topic of improvisation. We offer accompanying events connecting theory and research with improvisatory practice.


Our new program for the period February – June 2019 is online and can be downloaded as a pdf file, please click on the adjacent green title picture. All events are also represented with detailed individual pages on this website.

For the spring+summer term 2019, we have again invited “legends” of improvised music. The British vocal performer Maggie Nicols can be heard in concert on 15 March with the Trio Generations with pianist Lisa Ullén and young drummer Matilda Rolfsson. In addition, we have won Maggie Nicols for our Workshop spezial, which is addressed to experienced improvisers. On the 7th of April Tony Oxley will be performing in a duo with  percussionist Stefan Hölker. All the other concerts also offer top-class ensembles, details can be found in the concert overview.

Our numerous weekend workshops are again aimed at experienced & inexperienced participants, voices & instruments, experimental improvisation & traditional styles and they focus on improvisation not only in music but also in other arts: dance, words and theater. All these offers can be found in the workshop overview.

A new series of events is dedicated to the topic of Improvisation as a Way of Life!? with a combination of workshop and conversation. And not to forget: the exploratorium is celebrating its 15-year anniversary in 2019: because of the space search this will happen only on a small scale, but it still has to be celebrated!!!

Last but not least, we would like to point out our numerous improvisation meetings as well as the events on theory & research, our regular courses and the currently nine (!) regular ensembles, of which some are still including new members.

Enjoy a look through our offerings, and we hope you discover something exciting!

Matthias Schwabe & the team of the exploratorium berlin


The exploratorium berlin is a project of the Lilli-Friedemann-Stiftung for improvised music and creative music pedagogy.

For more information on the exploratorium, you can also visit Wikipedia.

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