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David Moss

When my father, Roy Moss, put his arms around me in 1959 and played the drums, I was touched by the mystery that music contains. As my percussionist life mutated into a singer’s life, I explored the power of the voice through its multitudinous utterances. I’ve now worked with performers of every genre, around the globe (at Berlin Philharmonic Hall, Carnegie Hall, Whitney Museum, Walker Art Center, Salzburg Festival….). I’ve received the recognition and help of a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a DAAD Artist-in-Berlin grant. As director of the Institute for Living Voice (Berlin), I can embody voice and presence in a dramatic way—enabling people and ideas to commingle. I may be the only performer who has sung, and creatively interacted with, the music of Luciano Berio, Carla Bley, Uri Caine, Heiner Goebbels, Olga Neuwirth, Helmut Oehring, Bach, and Coltrane. And now I simply want to make each new performance a surprising necessity, and a small utopian moment.

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