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2020sat16may11:0014:00Mirkaledo String Coursecan take place as a small group11:00 - 14:00 exploratorium berlin, Studio 2, entrance Dlearn:Regular Courses


Simon Jakob Drees


Saturday, 16. 05. 2020 | 11:00 - Saturday, 16. 05. 2020 | 14:00


exploratorium berlin, Studio 2, entrance D

Event Details

Improvisation für strings – violin / viola / cello / double bass
and any other string instruments which can be played with bow

Saturday 11 – 14 h, once ay month from 25. February 2020

In German language. For details see German version.

can take place as a small group from May 16

2020sun17may12:0014:00FeaturedMy Monthly Makamcan take place as a small group12:00 - 14:00 exploratorium berlin, Studio 2, entrance Dlearn:Regular Courses


Tayfun Guttstadt


Sunday, 17. 05. 2020 | 12:00 - Sunday, 17. 05. 2020 | 14:00


exploratorium berlin, Studio 2, entrance D

Event Details

Welcome to our monthly meeting for makam-based improvisation!
Once a month on Sunday, we will meet at noon to play and improvise together in a given makam or two for two full hours. The improvisation will be lead by Tayfun Guttstadt on the Ney. Theoretical aspects will be worked on, too, but the focus is on playing together and feel the mood of the respective makam. Typical forms of oriental music will also be introduced, everything by playing and feeling.

All instruments including voice and all levels welcome.  

Dates until January 2021:
 29.3. | 19.4. | 17.5. | 14.6. | 16.8. | 13.9. | 18.10. | 15.11. | 13.12. | 17.1.2021

Can take place again from 17.5. (for the time being only as a small group)!

Since organizers are currently obliged to keep lists of their visitors, address and telephone number must be given with the registration. This data will be kept for four weeks in order to be able to trace chains of infection if necessary and to inform those affected. After four weeks this data will be deleted.

2020mon25may11:0013:00FeaturedWhat motion saysa journey through the images of your body expression – can take place as a small group!11:00 - 13:00 exploratorium berlin, Studio 2, entrance Dlearn:Regular Courses


Janine Schneider


Monday, 25. 05. 2020 | 11:00 - Monday, 25. 05. 2020 | 13:00


exploratorium berlin, Studio 2, entrance D

Event Details

Experience yourself dancing! Reinvent yourself! Discover the immense power of your gestures and steps!

Janine Schneiders self-created method no thrills is a technique of multidimensional awareness using the direct effect of one’s physical action on spirit and soul. Just by taking a basic position you get in touch with the essential leaving complications of everyday life far behind.


Art of Reduction
unpretentious yet beautiful
I look at the body in motion without rating it.

Playing this place
every single gesture turns into dance
Constant revision of the entire musculoskeletal system.

Breathtaking art of movement of art
exemplary expressiveness
the classical grand adage makes it clear: sensing creates radiation.

Never ending arms and legs
stretching, reaching into space
once literally meant
for figure and room were not one.

Janine Schneider, 2019

Can take place as a small group – despite Corona!

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