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Concert applications


In the Improvisation International series, we present musicians and ensembles from the international scene for contemporary and experimental improvised music.
We are particularly interested in the creative synergy between several people; therefore we usually invite ensembles, soloists only in a few exceptional cases.

For applications please use the form below. Please send applications by e-mail or mail only in exceptional cases.

exploratorium berlin
Keyword: Improvisation International
Mehringdamm 55
10961 Berlin

The application must contain audio samples (or videos), ideally via an internet link or alternatively as a sound carrier or sound file (maximum size 2MB; also applies to text, photo and video files).

If you would like to have your application materials sent back to you, we need a stamped envelope. Otherwise the recordings remain in our archive or are integrated into our library.

Application deadlines:
We plan long term!

Applications for the first half-year program (February – July) are required by August 31 of the previous year.

Applications for the second half-year program (September – January) are required by January 31 of the same year.

Note: Due to the large number of applications and the relatively small number of concerts, we are unfortunately not able to personally contact all of our applicants. You will therefore only hear from us after the application deadline, if we can actually strive to and enable the realization of a concert. Thank you for your understanding!


    concert applications

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