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September 2023

15 short courses

15 short coursesfor the opening of our new premises2023Sa02Sept11:00Sa20:30Lernraum1 Weekend Workshop11:00 - 20:30 exploratorium berlin


2. September 2023 11:00 - 20:30


exploratorium berlin

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On the second day of the opening of our new spaces, we will present fifteen 90-minute short workshops with lecturers from the exploratorium’s environment, representing different art forms and thematic focuses.


1. Fine Kwiatkowski: inner exploration (dance improvisation)
the workshop leads us into the body with the question, what do we feel in this moment, how do the thoughts flow from the head into the body and thus into the movement? it is an exploration by means of improvisation and does not require any previous dance knowledge. (workshop language german)

2. Biliana Voutchkova: Sound, Nature and Nonverbal Communication – for Instruments & Voice (improvisation in music) This course is fully booked!
working with real time composition, deep listening, instant response, reflecting upon the input of the nature’s sonic sensibilities, embodying a sense of place and momentum, recognising the influence they have on the group’s creativity. thorugh personal memories, finding a way to transfer the outdoor experience into the indoor space (workshop language English & Germann)

3. Pedro Kadivar: 90 Minutes of Presence (theater improvisation)
Exercises for visualization. Being completely in the here and now, with oneself, with others, in space with the present light. An encounter with the present moment. (Workshop language German)


4. Christian Wolz: play of voices (vocal improvisation) This course is fully booked!
In this short workshop we play with our voices, listen to our voices, try to create tones and sounds, see what happens with all the players in the room and develop small sound variations with our voices. (Workshop language German)

5. Sabine Vogel: Tuning-In (for all art genres)
Tuning-in describes a practice in which all our senses are used to perceive the place, the surroundings and also the fellow players, in order to be able to enter into a connection and creative dialogue with them. The workshop starts with perception and attention exercises and then combines this with different improvisation approaches and exercises. The course is aimed at musicians, singers and dancers who want to work improvisationally or just want to have a look. (Workshop language: German & English)

6. Matthias Schwabe: Listening – Exploring – Inventing Music: Introduction to free improvisation
Workshop for all those who have little or no experience in musical improvisation. Neither musical nor instrumental previous knowledge is necessary. We listen, we explore sound generators, we communicate with sounds, we gain experience with combinations of sounds and let soundscapes develop: We “play” music! (Workshop language German & English)


7. Lauren Newton: The Sound In-Between (Vokalimprovisation)  This course is fully booked!
We will explore the voice and its many (hidden) facets of sound by learning to better perceive ourselves and others. Then we can play with the newly discovered tones, noises, rhythms and sounds in original and musically versatile ways.

8. Eiko Yamada: Material Music – music without instruments  This course is fully booked!
Sounds are hidden in every thing. Together we try to wake up different sounds from a simple material that is familiar to us. We observe when they acquire musical quality or how we can give them such meaning. Will we succeed in the end in creating a piece of music collectively with the sounds we have discovered and worked out? The material will be prepared by the workshop leader. (Workshop language German)

9. Helmut Bieler-Wendt: against all odds – thinking the resistant.   Unfortunately, this course has to be cancelled!
When we were children, improvising was easy and natural. We could and had to learn our whole lives. Then we learned about subordination and mostly foreign-determined directions in class.
 Now improvisation gives us the chance to go back to the beginning again – at least as far as our attitude is concerned.
What do I actually want?
 What does my instrument, my voice, my body, this or that found object actually give? And is that still music….?
 What are the inner and outer resistances that I encounter and do I want to, should I, can I overcome them? (Workshop language German & English)


10. Dragana Cukavac: From Feldenkrais to Dance Flow
This short workshop combines Feldenkrais work that takes place on the floor with (dance) improvisation in space. Initially we explore the movements in finely tuned sequences. The kinaesthetic sense, mindfulness and presence in the body will be increased in order to then let the movement material flow into space-filling dance improvisation. (Workshop language German)

11. Franz Hautzinger: Free Improvisation in Music
Franz Hautzinger presents his way of inventing music, improvising melodies and shaping sounds. In doing so, the sound world of the immediate environment is translated into music. The sound of a tractor, the voice of an opera singer, the reverberation of a hall or simply a picture can serve as inspiration. What is decisive is attentiveness and listening to each other. The possibilities are unlimited as long as one knows how to perceive them. (Workshop language German & English)

12. Johann Reißer: Instant Poetry    Unfortunately, this course has to be cancelled!
Mixing impressions of place, language finds and language musicality under guidance. Let the mixtures take shape. Present them together accompanied by instruments. Voilà! (Workshop language German)


13. Anna Barth: Space_Creation (Tanzimprovisation)
How do our concrete senses perceive the different spaces – physical – imaginary? How does our sensorium orient itself within them? What happens at the transitions? And which active forces unfold within the interplay of body and space within and without the body? In its movement … in it´s capability of transformation? (Workshop language German & English)

14. Wolfgang Schliemann: Über (Re-/Kon-/Dis-/As-) Sonanzen (Musikimprovisation)
Thinking about vibrations: swinging in, swinging out, swinging up, swinging down, swinging together. What sounds, how it sounds, between whom it sounds, does it have to sound at all to be music? Practical exercises in free improvisation with sound generators. Exchange of experiences. (Workshop language German)

15. Thomas Gerwin: SpaceSoundPerformance
In a new collective composition, we will consciously and intensively improvise with space and explore it acoustically and musically. Instrumentalists and vocalists of all kinds are welcome, as well as all sound producers, e.g. also those who like to work with their bodies or with “found objects” and would like to make new musical experiences in an ensemble. At the request of the participants, this experiment could possibly be continued as a regular course “RaumKlangEnsemble”. (Workshop language German & English)

15.00 & 17.00

45-minute soundwalks with Thomas Gerwin
(on a donation basis, registration not required)
Everything we hear around us influences us profoundly and mostly unconsciously. Every single sound is part of the one big symphony of environmental sound in which we live and which we help to shape by our actions and omissions – for the better or for the worse. During the guided “listening walks” (soundwalks), the participants trace the sounds of our environment and the interestingness of everyday life. At the same time, sensitivity is trained for the diversity and beauty, but also for the vulnerability of our acoustic environment. (German & English)


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3 Courses 25 €
5 Courses 35 €


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Registrations are still possible on 2.9. on site, however, some workshops may already be fully booked by then