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2021Do11Nov20:00imp[or]trait #4: echtzeitmusik – “Generations”Guests: Alexander Markvart, Rieko Okuda, Ignaz Schick und Alexander von Schlippenbach | Moderation: Mathias Maschat20:00 exploratorium berlin, studio 1Denkraum:imp[or]trait


Donnerstag, 11. 11. 2021 | 20:00


exploratorium berlin, studio 1


Talk in English

Guests: Alexander Markvart, Rieko Okuda, Ignaz Schick und Alexander von Schlippenbach
Moderation: Mathias Maschat

echtzeitmusik – “Generations” is the continuation of the conversation 1990/2020 – echtzeitmusik, which started a four-part echtzeitmusik series with an exchange between Burkhard Beins, Andrea Neumann and Ignaz Schick on 30 years of echtzeitmusik. Each of the three is invited one more time to a focus topic. The idea on the subject of echtzeitmusik – “Generations” came from Ignaz Schick. He proposed the pianist Rieko Okuda, the musician and organizer Alexander Markvart and the piano icon of European free jazz Alexander von Schlippenbach as guests of Mathias Maschat.

Echtzeitmusik in Berlin unites a large number of musicians and a wide variety of improvisational and compositional, experimental, original-individual and creative-avant-garde styles. Exchange and cooperation are at the center of the often overlapping scenes within this complex and heterogeneous ecosystem. How the actors meet and in which places their encounters take place also depends to a decisive extent on the point in time at which they entered the scene in Berlin. In this sense, the term generation is not necessarily assigned to age, but rather refers to the moment in which actors in the city have become active and present. Partly, of course, this is also due to belonging to certain age groups, but other factors of individual phases of life also play a role.

Alexander von Schlippenbach has been in Berlin since the 1960s and had already shaped and experienced Berlin free music for over 20 years when the first protagonists arrived, who would later establish echtzeitmusik. Ignaz Schick moved in Berlin since around 1990 and belongs to the founding generation of echtzeitmusik, both as an influential musician and as a active organizer. Rieko Okuda came from Japan after a stay in the USA in the year 2011 to Berlin and quickly established herself with her enormously wide musical spectrum in very different scenes and has since been omnipresent in both longer existing and newly founded venues. Coming from St. Petersburg, Alexander Markvart has been in Berlin since 2018, and with his fresh and original approaches as co-operator and co-curator of the Petersburg Art Space, Berlin he has become a constant.

In conversation they share their various experiences in different periods of time and discuss the influence of these time experiences on their work and their art.


Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yonASLV9VLQ

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