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2023Fr01Sept19:00EX TEMPORE RELOADED & OPENING ENSEMBLEOpening Performance in the New Space19:00 exploratorium berlin, hallBühne:Opening


Freitag, 01. 09. 2023 | 19:00


exploratorium berlin, hall


Anna Barth: dance | Wolfgang Schliemann: percussion, objects | Matthias Schwabe: flute, objects | Aida Shahidi: voice, objects | Eiko Yamada: recorder, objects

Anna Barth: dance | Alexander Frangenheim: double bass | Franz Hautzinger: trumpet | Fine Kwiatkowski: dance | Wolfgang Schliemann: drums | Biliana Voutchkova: violin, voice | Ute Wassermann: voice | Eiko Yamada: recorder | Philip Zoubek: piano

6.00 pm: Entrance and Opening of the Space

After the Performances: Opening Buffet prepared by GIA PANTA, the new gastronomy in the exploratorium

The shock of the dismissal was big, the search for a new location protracted and often sobering, and the joy at the promise of the owners of our new premises enormous. However, this was still followed by an elaborate preparation and construction phase, in which many concepts had to be created and hurdles had to be overcome. But now the time has finally come: The new exploratorium berlin officially and ceremoniously opens its new premises at Zossener Str. 24 with two program highlights and a festive buffet afterwards!

Starting at 6:00 p.m., the new rooms can be viewed; the new gastronomy in the exploratorium, GIA PANTA, will also be open.

Ex Tempore Reloaded will kick things off at 7 pm. This is a new edition of the group Ex Tempore, which was founded in 1986, played already the opening of the exploratorium in 2004 and was groundbreaking for its orientation in many respects. The ensemble’s co-founder Lilli Friedemann – a pioneer in the teaching of free improvisation – is the namesake of the foundation that supports the exploratorium. Her way of working, especially her unconditional approach, was the starting point for the exploratorium’s pedagogical work. After her death in 1991, the three remaining ensemble members – Eiko Yamada, Herwig von Kieseritzky and exploratorium founder Matthias Schwabe – developed a kind of musical performance characterised by the inclusion of other arts, the use of (everyday) materials as sound generators and inspiration from the particular conditions of the respective space. Following on from this, the new concert hall in the exploratorium will now also be inaugurated in a sound-performative way. The ensemble, which was reduced to two persons after the death of Herwig von Kieseritzky in 2006, has invited three colleagues with whom it has been connected through several years of collaboration and shared aesthetic ideas: the dancer Anna Barth, the sound performer Aida Shahidi and the percussionist Wolfgang Schliemann.

After an intermission, the second part will feature free improvisation by a nine-member ensemble assembled especially for the opening. This Opening Ensemble consists of a small selection of internationally renowned improvisers who are all connected to the exploratorium in various ways, whether as long-time companions, workshop leaders or guests in the exploratorium’s concert series: Dancer Anna Barth, double bassist Alexander Frangenheim, trumpeter Franz Hautzinger, dancer Fine Kwiatkowski, percussionist Wolfgang Schliemann, violinist Biliana Voutchkova, vocalist Ute Wassermann, recorder player Eiko Yamada and pianist Philip Zoubek. In many respects, they paradigmatically stand in for the art form of improvisation represented in the exploratorium, for which the new space was designed.

After the two performances there will be an opening buffet prepared by GIA PANTA to enjoy. We look forward to celebrating with you!


Admission: 25/20/10 € incl. Opening Buffet (normal price/reduced/Berlin-Pass)

The concert is part of the Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik: https://www.field-notes.berlin/mdzm

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© from top to bottom left: Christian Schwanke, Johannes Simon, Willehad Grafenhorst, Cristina Marx / Photomusix; middle: Karl Degenhardt, Cristina Marx / Photomusix, Cristina Marx / Photomusix; right: Kazunori Takeuchi, Frank Schindelbeck, Katelyn Styles, exploratorium berlin;