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Looking for a new restaurant partner

We – the team of exploratorium berlin team – are on the lookout for a new restaurant partnership that fits in with us, our work and our visitors.

The exploratorium is a place for improvisation in music and other arts with a special interest in experimental approaches.
Improvising in music and other arts means engaging in an intensive non-verbal exchange with our playing partners. This allows us to create something collaborative in an instant, without prior consultation, that is also artistically convincing.
Our work is aimed at people of all ages and artistic levels, regardless of their financial means.

For our approx. 250 square metre catering area, we would like to create a place that

  • offers a suitable atmosphere for intensive socialising before and after our events
  • offers an environment which suits the diversity of our visitors, from the experimental improv experts to the participants in our parent-child events
  • also provides attractive offers for people on a limited budget.

The restaurant is also the entrance to the exploratorium. Whoever visits one of our events passes through this area.
Creating an appealing offer and environment that invites our visitors to stay will be a great benefit for everyone involved.

Download of the call for tenders